Saturday, February 16, 2008

post valentine's blues

Haaayy.. been out for a while. i just don't want to talk about valentine's day, love and sex. haha. bitter? oh yeah, maybe i am but i don't care. i went out of town for vacation. i spent some time with my friends and i realized that i missed them so much. we didn't really do anything but talking to someone who could understand you really helps. i talked and talked and talked and talked and they listened even if i know that i was already talking nonsense. talked 'bout my sucky job and someone offered to have my resume printed (weow, i liked that), talked 'bout my mom and they comforted me, talked 'bout my a-hole ex-boyfriend and well, they just laughed at me because for the nth time i failed this aspect of my life. hehe. anyway, i feel lighter and better after unloading everything. thanks to my real friends. labya ol!


Bryan Anthony the First said...

dating sucks!
friends are cool!
ex must die

Kiks Phulumulu said...

we had a pre-valentine's singles night in volume last week. it was rad.

and i got rejected by a canadian. hahahaha.

and i rejected him back. ha-ha!

(friends are cool, moi. at least among friends, walang T.H.)

((T.H. again?!!))