Sunday, May 24, 2009

Confessions of a Mistress (I)

My trainer and I have been going out for dinner and drinks lately. He is always calling me and sending me text messages. He has been very sweet and caring and I think I'm getting used to it.

My trainer is 28 years old and has been married for 7 years. They have been together since high school and they got married when his wife got pregnant at 21. They have one baby girl and she is cute and smart. Her dad is really proud or her. The wife is a busy person who doesn't spend much time at home. She is working in an Accounting firm somewhere in Pasig (don't want to know where) and according to my trainer, they don't really spend much time together. I can actually see that since I already know my trainer's schedule and its as busy as hell. The thing is, even if he is super busy and we have different schedules, he is always making time for me. I'm home for some family gathering and he knows that Mr. Banker was there. He wanted me to go back to Manila as soon as possible. When I was on the family affair, he had been calling me and checking on me which is something that I'm not used to because I always do what I want to do. He even wanted me to go home early and not spend more time with my friends because of Mr. Banker. He admitted that he is super "nagseselos" and "natatakot" that Mr. Banker and I will be together again (which is very impossible)

Mr. Banker commented on how I look and they all noticed that I lost a lot of weight. As usual, Mr. Banker wanted me to go home with him (such a jerk). I went home alone and my trainer was happy to know that. I did not tell him of course about Mr Banker's comment.

I know that if I pursue this so called relationship with my trainer, it's gonna end up sooner if not later. I am enjoying his company. I consider myself a mistress and I am not proud of it. Let's just wait and see if something will come up. I haven't told my friends about this because I am sure they will all kill me. I am going against my principles and ideals now but what the heck! I am happy and yet I am free... I know I am very selfish but we already had an agreement that he should never leave his family for me no matter what happens. I told him to always spend time with his daughter specially that the mother is super busy.

I hope I am doing the right thing, I hope I won't fall in love with him...

Friday, May 8, 2009

big trouble

I think I'm in big trouble. My friend already warned me against having a trainer because I might fall daw for him. She said its possible daw because malamang everyday kami magkasama and pag uusapan namin ang buhay buhay namin.

Mas close kami ng trainer ko ngayon kesa yung una. We talk about our principles in life habang nag cru crunches ako. We talk about our work habang ang ro rowing ako. While am doing all the exercises that he's asking me to do, we talk about things.

Kantyawan kami. I call him yabang dahil niyayabang niya sakin yung katawan niya and Slow naman tawag niya sakin kasi hirap ako sa mga ibang exercise (haller naman kasi). Lagi kaming mag ka text kasi he would be checking on my diet. Bothered lang ako ngayon kasi parang medyo nagiging intimate yung mga text niya sakin. Merong pa "i miss you" pa siya or meron pang mga emoticon with kisses and all that. hindi ko alam kung paranoid lang ako or kung feeling maganda lang ako or kung meron talaga siyang sinasabi. AYOKO! dahil me asawa at anak siya. AYOKO na pumasok sa something na di ko mapapanindigan. AYOKO rin naman mag palit ng trainer dahil comfy na ako sa kanya and he knows my secrets na pati mga scars ko.

I don't want to fall for him and I hope I won't. hay para nanaman akong kumukuha ng bato na pukpok ko sa ulo ko.