Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ang pagbabalik

I’ve abandoned my beloved blog for days. Excuse me, that’s weeks. I’ve been very busy with work and other extra curricular activities. Hee hee.

Anyway, here are some updates from Sexy Moi.

I went home to Baguio to celebrate my birth day. I did not go out with friends. We only had dinner at home. It is also in time for my brother’s despedida. I was not able to have my braces adjusted. I had to go to some government offices to have something fixed.

I had lunch with my dad (biological) because he needs assistance in buying all his medicines. He is still my dad and it is still my responsibility to help him. My brother and I buy him meds and help him on his hospital bills. I feel good that there is no bitterness in our relationship even if he left us when we were still young. I felt bad last time though because I don’t think he remembers my birthday. He did not greet me. At all.

“When your dad was still strong, he worked hard for his second family. He did not support us in anyway. He did not even bother to check you and your brother after the earthquake. Now that he is sick and cannot work, his second family seems to abandon him. They are not helping him financially. That’s not fair for you and your manong.” –-- mama to sexy moi

Our client came here for a site visit and of course we had to impress her. We had to prep our reps and we also prepared for the business review so we can convince her to bring more jobs here and piss off more Americans (because according to them we are stealing their jobs, well, I guess that’s true). I’m not sure though if we did a great job convincing her because we haven’t heard any feedback from her since she left. She went to Cebu afterwards for a long vacation with her hubby. Nampucha petix din pala sila. Isipin mo, she was supposed to be in our site for 3 days pero 2 araw lang siya nandito kasi daw bibisita pa ng Cebu. Haha.

“breakfast buffet in Shangrila is great” --- client to us, this was while we were having our business review.

I went to a not so famous salon and had my hair colored slash dyed. I am not really into hair coloring but my very convincing cousin convinced me to. I nearly killed her after because of what happened to my hair. I wasted money and time. Damn!

“wow bagay na bagay mo ha” --- salon girl to sexy moi
“ate, wag mo na ko bolahin,buti na lang wala ako sa mood mang away ngayon” --- sexy moi to salon girl

It’s almost the 6th month of my reps so I had to do their review. I had to let go of one though. She is still studying and I guess she cannot manage her time very well that is why she is always absent. We had our admin hearing last Tuesday. We will know the results of the deliberation on Friday.

“You’re still young, you better focus on your studies. You can always look for a job after graduation.” --- sexy moi to pasaway agent.

I went to the last day of BarOps to support my friends. Only my Manila based friends were able attend to support our friends who took the exams. After the exams they all drank to death.

“brod, dapat pumasa kan hanko kayat ang bar ops no next year manen” --- friend to one of our friends who took the exam twice

There was a time that I took an escalation from my agent. The customer wanted to talk to some one in the US when he learned that I am from the Philippines. I advised the customer that there are no sites located in the US (which is true – 2 sites lang, here and Canada); therefore he cannot be transferred to the US. Nainsecure ang lolo niyo. Nagalit dahil wala daw siya trabaho. I was able to answer all his questions.

“thank you… and by the way FU*K the Philippines” --- a-hole customer to sexy moi before hanging up.
“go ahead” --- sexy moi to the customer

Huhuhu… gusto ko rin pala mag sumbong. Yung pasaway kong boss ang pangit lagi ng schedule na binibigay sakin. Last time sa isang lingo napunta sakin lahat ng shift – opening, mid shift and closing. I’m not her favorite kasi eh. Tapos yung kasama kong TL din lagi pang absent.

“I guess I’m not one of your favorite things…”--- sexy moi to boss

Good news for me. Ralph is inviting me to Camsur. I hope I can go there at the end of the month. Sana walang bagyo.


R-yo said...

ayan..lunurin sa wakeboarding ang lahat ng sama ng loob! kainggit naman ang camsur. musta nga pala barops? first kong absent after 6 years.

Rio said...

hi sexy moi, musta? mukha ngang super busy ka pero mukhang na enjoy mo naman ng husto ang iyong blog leave.hehe
bilib ako sa iyo ay sa iyong brother kasi kahit inabandon kayo ng dad mo, pinagsisilbihan nyo pa din sya at inaalagaan..kakatuwa at hindikayo nagkimkim ng sama ng loob..

aantayin ko yung pics mo from camsur..madami na akong nabasa about dun..try mo yung wake boarding.mukhang ok sya/=)

xxxborgexxx said...

you've got no responsibility to your parents in any way. it's the other way around. if you choose to take care of any of them, that's giving him/her a favor. they gave birth, you didn't ask for that, and i assume they were old enough when they did it. seeing that you live is their responsibility. no offense meant to parents but that is how it should work.

Anonymous said...

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