Saturday, November 15, 2008


missed my family and friends. i went home to baguio and spent my rest days with them.

my mom asked me to get something from capitol so i went there in the afternoon of friday. i did'nt know that i would be spending half day of my life going back from dswd's office to the treasurer’s office and to another office that they call cash. i was so pissed off because they keep on asking me to go back from one office to another. an old lady was also doing something there and just like me they asked her to go up and down the building to have someone sign the papers that we need. the old lady is also disabled. the thing is that, capitol is not a disable friendly building. it does not have ramp for people who are on crutches or wheelchairs. it is an old building so i don't expect elevators and escalators in it. i guess they need to do something about it. i tried helping the lady out but the officers who need to sign her papers should see her personally. so she had to go up and down that building. people there are also not so friendly, some, people that my mom knows, were friendly to me but i guess they just have to because they know who my mother is but they were not too friendly to the disabled lady.

when i went home, i told my mom about everything and she even got worried that i might have been bitchy when i was talking to people there. i asked her to raise this issue to the local government, maybe they are not aware. i am paying my taxes so i think i have the right to demand.

text messaging

mr banker : dinner?
sexymoi : sorry, i'm busy...
mr banker : cge na lapit na bday ko. my treat.
sexymoi : sensya na busy talaga eh... next time :)
mr banker : k, nxt time :(

hahahaha... i am so so proud of myself. buti nga ...


mb said...

naawa naman ako sa matandang babae... napaka kupal ng gobyerno kasi natin... sana maawa naman sila sa taong bayan na bayad ng bayad ng tax tapos wala naman nangyayari.

Roy Manseras said...

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Lalaine said...

nu ba yun... wawa naman matanda :(.

nakibasa at nakicomment lang :)

pwede bang makiapag exlink? =)

羊肉羹麵Paul said...