Sunday, February 1, 2009

good morning!!

I just woke up but I feel like blogging. I had a terrible dream. Guess what? It’s about Mr. Banker and his so called girl friend and my best friend and I.

We argued last night (thank goodness on the phone) because of the stupidity that he did during the birthday party of mr. and mrs. nlj’s son. I told him I’m going to pull out my account at their bank so that there would be reason for us to talk. He told me that he needs it for his promotion. I don’t understand how that could affect his promotion but it has something to do with his assessment (whatever). Hindi lang naman yung yung account na hawak niya. Anyway, I said I’ll pull it out after his promotion. Sinabihan niya ako na dapat yung bank relationship namin di nasasama sa personal na relationship namin. Sabi ko naman, I have to do it for us. I will stop my communication with him and our friends to avoid complication. Sabi niya, it’s not going to be fair for our friends and for him. Sinabihan pa niya ako na ang sama daw ng ugali ko kung ganun. I don’t know why he cannot understand what I’m feeling every time he does something stupid. He even told me that I am his best friend (yeah, right!) more than nlj and our brods kasi alam ko kung anong nangayayari sa buhay niya. Sabi ko naman, best friends don’t hurt each other. Best friends care for each other, so if I am his best friend, why does he keep on hurting me. He does not even care for me. Sabi niya, he cares naman daw (whatever, my ass). Complicated lang talaga kasi yung situation namin. Sabi ko its not the situation eh, it’s him who’s making things complicated. Sabi ko sa kanya, wag lang siyang gagawa ng katangahan kapag nasa iisang lugar kami dahil ako ang na aagrabyado. Hindi naman siya. Sabi niya sige raw. Noted daw. I felt better din naman after talking to him, in fairness. We talked about our careers after that. Buhay niya sa bank, buhay ko sa callcenter.

Lagi kaming ganun ni mr. banker. Lagi kaming nag aaway kapag katangahan and kaselfishan niya ang pina pa iral niya. Pero in terms naman of other things nagkakasundo kami. Weird lang talaga na napanaginipan ko siya. Haha kasama pa sa picture yung best friend ko.
Mahaba ang kwento namin ni Mr. Banker. Unang kilala pa lang naming complicated na. Nung naging kami mas lalong naging complicated. Di ko rin alam kung bakit meron naman kaming nakakarelasyon , may kanya kanya kaming buhay pero at some point our lines always cross. Even if I try hard not to see him or to keep our relationship impersonal it always leads to our personal relationship which should have been dead long time ago…
**photo taken from the net**


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