Saturday, January 12, 2008

team building

We went on team building last Tuesday. Not everyone joined but we still had fun. I learned a lot about my reps who are my friends outside work.

sheila - she is giving birth to their first baby (after 10 years- literally 10 years...) at the end of the month. she does not always get absent even if she is pregnant. she has been consistent in meeting her metrics.
meng - married but is not living with his wife and baby. he does'nt want to share his love story because he doesnt want to cry.
maui - still inlove with her ex who owes her a lot of money.
joel - was always out. missed a lot of fun because he was always on the phone with his baby.
jay - took care of every one, she is also very much inlove with her girlfriend and she is very very loyal to her.
grace - did not join the team building because it is an over night activity and her mom did not allow her to join us. she is one of the team's top performers.
gene - she is also pregnant but unlike shiela, she is always absent. she was absent for the 1st two weeks of January 2008.
Fati - has personal issues, hates her mom so much. she is always getting sick and she is always absent. she is friends with aaron.

chris - best dancer ever. teehee. he danced all night and when he saw his video, he wanted to kill himself

brett - he is a black belter. he is also always getting sick. he is friends with fati, aaron and bobzie.

bobzie - claims that his real father is chinese but he grew up with a japanese dad, said that he sleeps in a coffin and that he is married to a canadian girl that nobody has seen. he also hates his mom. he is friends with fati.

alex - new member of the team. said that he was in networking business before. i guess he is not yet used to working for somebody else since he is always getting absent. he is only with the team for a month and he already got a memo for his attendance.

Aaron - he was never absent since he joined the company. he is also married but is not living with his wife and kid. his wife was asking me last time though if he joined our team building. (hmmm..?!)

Van - kikay of the team. I've never expected that behind her kakikayan, she also has a cowboy side. she, like me, has also a telenovela love story.

batman - hopeless romantic. he is still in love with his team mate and he is still i guess trying to get over her. :)


Bryan Anthony the First said...


i say money lent to jowa is money lost forever



Sexymoi said...

Korak! ahaha Ako nga yung books ko sa ex ko parang ayaw na isoli, eh alam niyang importante yun mga yun sakin...